On September 11, 2004, CASCO PROJECTS UTRECHT is super-excited to announce a voices of free-style experience & eclectic sounds listening party for


(spoken word CD by BernadetteCorporation & Friends dedicated to exploring the world of covert direct action today)

The CD features website-downloaded poems, manifestoes, music and stories as well as traditional prayers. The music comes from the African, Latin American, Jazz, Arabic and Hip Hop traditions.

BernadetteCorporation is a dedicated lover, Griotte, Poet and Scribe and Director of Media based in Berlin-Paris-Rome. Her work has been published in literary journals, anthologies and audio recordings. Her long spoken word performance history has taken her to stages large and small, to public access television and radio and to prisons and schools. She has performed alongside Poets, Dancers, Visual Artists and Musicians

This limited edition CD is available at Printed Matter, New York.

Track listing and sources of texts spoken:

1 - Read by Cheryl Serwa and Kieth Larry, Underground Direct Action Totals 2003

2 - Read by Antek Walczak, Mink Farm Raid

3 - Read by Zora Star, How to

4 - Worm's Rant, written and performed by Rich Leg